Continuing our anniversary celebrations we find out from Peter Lathrope our Sales Consultant to Fourteen IP group Companies and Jason Green our Engineer what their special memories from the past decade are.


Prior to a return trip from Hitec USA, Neil was telling us about how much trouble he had trying to get all three of us seated together on the plane and how important it was so that we can discuss actions from Hitec. Neil managed to board first due to his frequent flyer status, however, as my colleague and I went through the gate to board the plane we were both (and independently) offered a free upgrade to Business Class… Wow, pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (especially as most airlines have subsequently stopped offering free upgrades)! I asked the attendant if Neil had been given an upgrade to Business Class and was told no. So the dilemma was do I take the upgrade and leave Neil on his own in economy or bite the bullet and decline the upgrade as he had only just been saying how many issues he had getting us seated together. I decided to decline the upgrade… however my colleague had decided to keep the upgrade.

As we boarded the plane I discussed with my colleague and he agreed to give the upgrade to whoever was in his seat so that we could all be sat together. When we went to sit down and started to tell Neil the story, and before we even had a chance to sit down, the ticket was taken, the overhead locker removed of hand luggage and in a cartoon-like puff of smoke, Neil ran off to Business Class leaving my colleague and I stuck between the two rows of toilet cubicles and some screaming kids… possible one of the worst transatlantic nigh flights I have ever had!


I cannot believe it is 10 years since both the company started and myself being asked to join the team. I think living down south may have helped then as most of our customers and installs were based here then 😊 We started as a small family team which has now grown into a highly global company team. Everyone working for Fourteen IP would agree this has been an amazing journey to see the company grow and as well as being part of it, we all work hard and so well together which I think makes Fourteen IP a great team and company to work with. I look forward to being part of the next 10 years or more as we develop further.

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