Continuing our anniversary celebrations Richard Ford, Head of Sales chats about his special memories from the past decade.

  • Moving offices from Emerald House to Lock Flight Buildings. Having a car park space and a  large kitchen was a big occasion. It also brought everyone together and made for a much nicer working environment.
  • Not knowing Pete very well and thinking it was a good idea to share a meat bucket feast at TGI Friday’s. The look on Pete’s face each time I reached for a chicken wing was something to behold.
  • Pete winning the dancing competition on stage at the Christmas Party in front of hundreds. His dancing still gives me nightmares.
  • Me coming back from the toilets at another Christmas party to see my wife on stage in the dancing competition – I had only been gone for 2 minutes!
  • Pete winding his wife up when we were out for dinner in Blackpool and she was at home in Kent. His phone was able to ring his home doorbell and switch lights on and off as we watched his wife on CCTV get angrier and angrier.
  • Ten hours on a train with Rob traveling to France for a 4-hour meeting held entirely in French…….. which neither of us speaks.
  • Meeting Neil at 04:15am in week one of me starting at 14IP to travel to a meeting together – he was stood beside his car tapping on the roof impatiently – I was 15 minutes early 😊. From then on I realised when Neil says a time he means 30  minutes earlier than what he says.
  • Customer Christmas Chinese – Always stand out for the party games we play which included me buying four cans of shaving foam with Liam and getting some very odd looks as I paid for them (They were for a pie face game), lots and lots of food, thirty grown men being asked if they wanted a brandy or Baileys and all of them sipping Baileys in their very best Christmas jumpers, and then of course premium seats in Leicester Square Odeon being one of the first people to watch the new Star Wars film.
  • Sat in a hotel meeting room whilst a supplier dressed as Princess Leia was chased around the room by Michael Jackson (Paul Squires) as part of the Thriller video you will have seen. Trying to keep a straight face and type emails whilst events unfolded was quite difficult.
  • I guess if I step and back and reflect on my biggest memories, being part of something very special and watching a business and people grow, learn and mature has been a real privilege to be a part of.

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