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AI Enabled Customer Service

AI-enabled customer service – the new era of customer engagement

According to a recent article by analysts McKinsey and Company, “AI-enabled customer service is now the quickest and most effective route for institutions to deliver personaliSed, proactive experiences that drive customer engagement.”

The article talks about how customers are getting harder to please, with two-thirds of millennials expecting real-time customer service and three-quarters of all customers expecting consistent cross-channel service experience. It goes on to say that cost pressures rising at least as quickly as service expectations, the obvious response—adding more well-trained employees to deliver great customer service – simply isn’t a viable option.

The article then describes how companies are therefore turning to AI to deliver the proactive, personalised service customers want, when and how they want it—sometimes even before they know they want it. For transformed organisations, AI-enabled customer service can increase customer engagement, resulting in increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities while reducing cost-to-serve.

The article talks about some of the challenges some industries face, such as the integration of AI into legacy technologies but how when done well, an AI-enabled customer service transformation can unlock significant value for businesses—creating a virtuous circle of better service, higher satisfaction, and increasing customer engagement. It cites multiple factors which strengthen the case for AI-based customer service, not least of which is an increased customer acceptance of (and even preference for) machine-led conversational AI interactions.

It’s almost like they have written the article with our EVA AI-powered virtual agent in mind.

Here at Fourteen IP, we have long believed that we can help our hospitality clients enhance guest engagement with our AI solution and we have been investing in the development of our guest led solution. See how our solution has reached level four maturity.

We understand the potential integration challenges that can arise with legacy platforms and have solutions in place to overcome those limitations with our EVA Connect solution or by migrating customers to our fully featured, flexible, scalable and reliable cloud-based telephony service for hotels.

Click here to download our Guide to Unlocking EVA.

We recommend reading the entire article by McKinsey and Company and then contacting us to learn how we can help your hotel deliver better service, higher satisfaction and increasing customer engagement.

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