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HOSPACE 2023 Smiles

Fourteen IP Brings a Smile to HOSPACE 2023

As event sponsors of the HOSPACE 2023 the team enjoyed meeting up new industry figures and established friends, colleagues and customers.

In true Fourteen IP style CEO Neil Tolley put a different twist on his HOSPA 300 speaking slot after lunch by playing an entertaining and informative video, which takes a tongue in cheek look at what life can be like in the front desk of a busy hotel, having to manage multiple guest calls at the same time as serving guests face to face.

In the video, our protagonist Jeff probably asks a question or two too many but feedback from attendees at the event was that that the video was closer to the truth than we had imagined.

Fortunately, our AI powered hotel virtual assistant EVA can manage between 60-75% of all calls to the front desk, answering calls quickly and engaging guests in a very human like way with its natural language processing and intelligent learning.

Click here to watch the video and find out more.

AI and its uses and clear benefits to the hospitality was discussed throughout the morning and the video was followed by an AI panel discussion in which covered in detail many of the opportunities for hotels to benefit from AI, with the advice from the panel to get started on your AI journey as soon as possible, something Fourteen IP (and EVA) would be delighted to assist with.

The video theme continued into the evening with some front desk smile props being used as you can see in the images above.

For more information about EVA and to hear examples of EVA in action click here.

Thank you to Carl Weldon from CW Hospitality for some of the pictures featured above.

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