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Converged Networks for Hotels

Specialist design, implementation and support of converged networks for hotels.

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Here at Fourteen IP, we specialise in designing, implementing, and supporting converged networks tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a major worldwide brand or a stand-alone property in the UK, Europe and the Americas, our expertise and dedication ensure that your network infrastructure meets the unique needs of your guests and staff.

PCI Compliance and Scalability

Data security is paramount, especially in the hospitality industry. Our WiFi solution complies with PCI data protection requirements, offering the same level of security as an on-premise solution but with greater scalability. Say goodbye to buying licenses in bulk – our flexible payment options allow you to pay as you grow, with no capital outlay required.

Leaders in Converged Networks

As leaders in converged network solutions for hospitality, we understand the importance of integrating telephone, data, and video services within a single network. This convergence not only enhances flexibility but also streamlines operations and improves efficiency compared to traditional separate infrastructures.

We have installations covering major worldwide brands plus stand-alone properties in the UK and across Europe and the Americas.

Trusted Partnerships

Fourteen IP is proud to be a Hospitality Specialist Partner for HPE (Aruba) wired and wireless networks and Ruckus Wireless. These partnerships ensure that our solutions are built on industry-leading technology and expertise, delivering reliable performance and peace of mind for our clients.

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Ready to elevate your hotel’s network infrastructure? Contact Fourteen IP now to learn more about our converged network solutions and how we can help your property enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Ruckus Hospitality Specialist
Aruba Hospitality Specialist

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our comprehensive solution encompasses every aspect of converged network implementation and management:

Consultancy and Infrastructure Review

We assess your requirements and existing infrastructure to develop a tailored solution.

Network Design and Planning

Our expert team designs and plans your wireless network to ensure seamless connectivity.

Surveys and Compliance

We conduct surveys and ensure compliance with group converged network standards.

Vendor Management

We manage all third-party vendors involved in the project to ensure smooth execution.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers oversee every aspect of the installation and commissioning process.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

We handle the installation, ensure proper commissioning, and provide training to your staff.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Our support team offers round-the-clock network monitoring and assistance to ensure uninterrupted service.

Hospitality Specialists

Fourteen IP is 100% focused on the hospitality section, so has a wealth of experience in delivering Converged Networks to hotels.

Elevate your hotel’s network infrastructure

Contact us now to learn more about our converged network solutions.

About Us

Fourteen IP is the leading supplier of hospitality AI and communications solutions, supporting leading hotels and groups worldwide, together with individual and independent hotels.


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