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Hotel Guest WiFi

Fully Managed Guest WiFi Services

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At Fourteen IP, we understand that today's travellers expect more than just a comfortable bed and a scenic view - they demand seamless connectivity for their smart devices. With our fully managed guest WiFi services, we provide strong, fast, and reliable wireless internet access throughout your hotel, ensuring exceptional guest experiences and driving loyalty.

Tier 1 Hardware and Applications

We believe in using the best tools for the job. That’s why our managed WiFi service utilises tier-1 hardware and applications, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability. With automatic software updates and backups both onsite and in our secure remote data centres, you can rest assured knowing your network is resilient and backed by robust disaster recovery measures.

Managed WiFi Services

In a world where 83% of hotel guests report bad WiFi experiences and 36% won’t rebook due to sub-standard connectivity, having a robust internet infrastructure is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Our managed WiFi services combine cutting-edge technology, expert programming and comprehensive support to design, deploy, and manage your wireless infrastructure seamlessly.

PCI Compliance and Scalability

Data security is paramount, especially in the hospitality industry. Our WiFi solution complies with PCI data protection requirements, offering the same level of security as an on-premise solution but with greater scalability. Say goodbye to buying licenses in bulk – our flexible payment options allow you to pay as you grow, with no capital outlay required.

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Core Features

High Speed and Bandwidth

Coverage and Signal Strength


Ease of Access

Supports Multiple Devices

Reliability and Uptime


Quality of Service (QoS)

Flexible and Scalable Guest WiFi

Our guest WiFi service isn’t just for guests – it’s also designed to meet the wireless needs of your hotel and staff. With a segregated private network and public network, we ensure data security and bandwidth optimisation for each individual network, maintaining the integrity of your wireless infrastructure.

Whether you need additional wireless coverage for a conference, pre-opening office, or expanding guest requirements, Fourteen IP provides a complete hotel internet solution that delivers a superior guest experience and simplifies network management.

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Elevate your hotel’s guest WiFi experience with Fourteen IP. Contact us now to learn more about our fully managed WiFi services and schedule a consultation with our team of experts. Let us help you exceed guest expectations and drive loyalty with seamless connectivity that keeps guests coming back for more.


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Elevate your hotel’s guest WiFi experience

Contact us now to learn more about our fully managed WiFi services.

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