Combat Cyber-Crime 24×7 365 Days of the Year

Monitor and be alerted to any suspicious calls activity based on historical spending patterns.

Avoid falling victim to the growing problem of cyber crime and telephone fraud.

A Growing Threat

Cyber Crime and Telephone Fraud has become an increasing problem for all businesses, including hotels.

In order to combat this, a solution has been developed that monitors and reports any suspicious calls activity by looking at historical spending patterns.

Our Sentry Fraud Protection Service has two stages; the first stage alerts of the average daily spend threshold being breached and a potential threat to fraudulent activity/inflated call traffic.

The second stage is to lock down the number range affected by implementing an Outgoing Calling Plan (OCP) profile that will disable further calls to international and UK premium rate destinations.

The solution is live, running 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year to ensure our customers are protected against fraud in this ever-growing on-line world.

For each and every group, historical spend activity is calculated daily using the maximum spend seen for the group over the past 30 days, to allow for differing spend patterns at weekends and over Bank Holidays.

Sentry Features

  • Self-learning using historical spend activity per-group.

  • New groups are automatically enrolled with Sentry without any additional provisioning steps, with a predefined Alert Threshold.

  • Calls are rated every 5 minutes.

  • Long duration calls rated mid-call every 15 minutes.

  • Cumulative Daily spend calculated every 5 minutes.

  • Historical spend calculated daily.

  • Alerts and lockdowns on sliding scale to allow for business growth.

  • Automatic Lockdown denies calls to International and Premium Rate destinations.

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