SIP Trunking 2.0 – SIP Connect from Fourteen IP 

More than Just an ISDN replacement – A Future Proof Solution.

Advanced SIP trunking with flexibility, scalability and business continuity.

Next Generation Telephony

You’ve no doubt heard how you can reduce the cost of your business telephone lines by replacing legacy ISDN circuits with SIP Trunks but SIP Connect from Fourteen IP offers something more.

SIP Connect provides your organisation with the infrastructure to support next generation telephony such as cloud-based or hosted telephony, fixed and mobile working and unified communications.

It enables staff to work anywhere, offering inherent business continuity, productivity enhancements and truly flexible working, with lower operational costs.

SIP Trunks

Award Winning SIP Services

Fourteen IP offers BroadWorks® SIP Trunking which is a truly unique solution that delivers the most advanced SIP trunking service, offering and the best time-to-market for our customers.

The BroadWorks® SIP Trunking solution allows us to deliver cost effective, feature-rich SIP trunks to hoteliers whilst enhancing the PSTN voice calling experience.

It is built upon Broadsoft’s award-winning BroadWorks® SIP application server platform and is tailored to meet the specific needs of both small-medium businesses (SMBs) and mid-large enterprises.

Our SIP Trunking can deliver SIP Connect compliant SIP trunks and enhanced services over any IP access, including T1/E1, DSL, and Ethernet.

Legacy telephone systems are supported through the use of a premises-based integrated access device (IAD) that converts VoIP/SIP to a TDM interface such as analog lines or ISDN. Newer IP PBXs are supported through a direct SIP trunk.

Business Continuity

SIP Connect offers business continuity by enabling a range of call forwarding options and solutions to working outside of the office.

Call Forwarding

Calls can be forwarded on an individual or group of numbers basis.

  • User-Level – Individual self-administered on a per-DID basis
  • Trunk Group Level – Site administered for all incoming calls to a Trunk Group

Calls can be forwarded in a choice of ways:

  • Call Forwarding Always – all incoming calls unconditionally
  • Call Forwarding Unreachable – incoming calls that fail to reach the device (i.e. loss of connectivity, device failure).

Calls can be sent to other trunk groups or direct numbers.

Working Outside of the Office

Capabilities that support working outside of the office include:

  • Simultaneous Ring – where office numbers can simultaneously ring mobiles or other specified numbers.
  • Remote Office – Any phone with a broadband or mobile connection can be turned into the business phone.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence – Mobile phones can be integrated with desk phones allowing staff to work effectively, wherever they are.

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