Fully Managed Guest Wi-Fi Services

One time authentication – global guest recognition – centralised marketing.

Enhanced guest engagement, satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Managed WiFi Services

EVOLUTION Gateway works seamlessly in partnership with our guest WiFi Services to allow you to deploy a highly scalable and reliable guest Wi-Fi solution… and so much more!

From the moment a guest registers on your Wi-Fi you can begin to track and analyse a vast array of information such as how long they stayed, when and where they visited, what devices they used and much, much more.

Based on this information and using the guest’s contact details you captured when they first registered, you can create a range of personalised offers to help increase your guests spend and/or loyalty.

The ROI for data acquisition alone could justify your entire Wi-Fi spend within a matter of months… imagine the ROI once guests start to take advantage of all the tailored offers you could be sending them!

Evolution Gateway

Guest Engagement

EVOLUTION Gateway enhances the guest experience and encourages them to join your WiFi, even if they have 4G with:

  • Customised landing pages to highlight relevant hotel services
  • Quick fire questions to gently establish preferences over time
  • Special offers based on preferences, location or birthday
  • Links to valuable information (e.g. menus, opening times, weather)
  • One-click login for returning guests

One Time Authentication

The EVOLUTION Gateway service offers central authentication enhancing the guest experience when visiting other hotels in your chain. Guest mobile devices will automatically be connected to the hotel WiFi network in whichever hotel they are visiting, making life simple and driving brand loyalty.

High Speed Internet Access

EVOLUTION Gateway allows tiered levels of internet access for guests – offering free and paid for models. It can also offer a different tier for loyalty club members. Billing can be done at the front desk, by vouchers, on the room bill or online payments.

Direct to Guest Promotions

The EVOLUTION Gateway enables hotel staff to target specific promotions to guests both before, during and after their stay such as.

  • Customised landing pages
  • Personalised email communications
  • Text messages to the guest’s mobile device

Conferencing Tool

Whether your hotel has a single meeting room or extensive dedicated conferencing areas, the conferencing tool allows you to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of the delegates by configuring wired and wireless networks and bandwidth from a simple web GUI up to a year in advance, the network will be programmed and de-programmed automatically. Our conference tool is included at no extra cost!

  • Conference SSID Network shaping
  • Timed delegate access
  • Active wired ports on/off
  • Allow/disallow email/social media by time of day


The EVOLUTION Gateway provides clear data for all areas of hotel management including venue data such as usage peaks and trends, first time v’s returning users, male v’s female and country domains.

It also monitors technical data such as bandwidth usage and peak usage times, the highest number of users, operating systems, device times and much more, enabling you to provision adequately for guest demands.

Alerts can be set such that when above average devices connect to a single WiFi access point, such as in the bar or restaurant, the hotel manager is notified to ensure sufficient staff are available – improving guest satisfaction.


EVOLUTION Gateway can be integrated with a hotel guest database or Property Management System. Services can be promoted and sold through the HSIA network. At the same time, guest contact details and preferences can be added directly to the central database ensuring that their details are constantly up to date.

Not Just for Guests

Using 802.1x authentication EVOLUTION Gateway can automatically put staff devices in to the appropriate back of office staff VLAN without the devices having to register each time they visit a property. EVOLUTION Gateway acts like a security guard to your back of office network, the staff’s device is not allowed access back of office network until the devices identity has been validated and authorised.

Let us help you

The opportunities for improving management of your WiFi and enhancing guest engagement are endless with our Evolution Gateway service.

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