Secure On-Boarding For All Devices

Access granted as needed for contractors and staff, anywhere in your hotel.

Simplified device management and mobility for your network infrastructure.

Secure On-Boarding for All Devices

Evolution X provides secure network on-boarding for all devices. 802.1X enables you to plug any device such as a phone, laptop, PC, access point, printer into any data socket in your hotel and it would connect to the right VLAN, with the right access rights.

Access can be granted as needed for guests, contractors and staff, delivering the appropriate connectivity and user rights, wherever they are in the hotel or any of your hotels when used with our Evolution Gateway service.

Network administration becomes a breeze, managed from a web portal.

Once the MAC address of a device is registered on the network it becomes completely mobile. Business and conference centre telephones and devices can be located wherever the guest requires them.

Global 802.1x Authentication

EVOLUTION Gateway can also be used to allow guest and associate on-boarding using 802.1x. 802.1x allows guests and associates to obtain network connectivity anywhere in the hotel (wired and wireless) whilst keeping the users device network privileges in the correct guest or staff VLAN.

Evolution Gateway 802.1x allows for:

  • Proxy to existing corporate authentication servers (such as active directory, ACS and so on)
  • Use of industry standard network access control protocols allowing for multi vendor integration
  • Local MAC address authentication database (for when the client is not 1x aware or it is impractical to manage)
  • Patching of a cabinet then locking the door. The network becomes dynamic to your requirements without the need for re-patching.
  • Simple web interface to manage the solution
  • Bespoke user access to management
  • Single launch point for network admin

Everything is available from Fourteen IP globally and can be accessed via our web portal on a global, regional or property-by-property basis.

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