Hotel Internet Access

HSIA, networking, HDTV, movies-on-demand, fixed and wireless IP telephony, multi-media contact centres, PMS, minibar, CCTV.

Design, deployment, management and support for your hotel’s internet access.

High Speed Internet Access

Today’s hotel guest demands more than just a comfortable night’s sleep. Guests arrive with evermore-advanced mobile devices, technologies and applications, expecting speed, security and an experience that can match or exceed the technology that they are now accustomed to at home or in the office.

In fact many independent and industry guest surveys often rank a quality in-room Internet access experience above all other in-room amenities and entertainment options. It is therefore fair to say that over the last few years, technology has done more to shape guest’s expectations and preferences than any loyalty program.

As a result, providing high-speed Internet access to your guests is no longer an option, it has become a standard in the hospitality industry, it’s not only expected, it’s demanded.

Fourteen IP can provide the answer for your infrastructure with world leading technological solutions and services that can be configured to your specific requirements.


Not Just for Guests

Of course, why should it just be your guests that benefit? By implementing a Fourteen IP fully converged Wireless and Wired network, hoteliers have the ability to leverage this technology to improve their own operational efficiency.

By utilising this fully managed network a hotel can now cost effectively deploy a basis for a wide range of additional applications such as employee HSIA, networking, HDTV, movies-on-demand, fixed and wireless IP telephony, multi-media contact centres, PMS, minibar, CCTV, messaging, etc.

Planned, Implemented and Maintained

Not only is it crucial to have an infrastructure capable of supporting a vast array of products and services, it is equally crucial to ensure that this network is properly planned, implemented and maintained. Rest assured that Fourteen IP’s engineers are suitably qualified and experienced, that the equipment used is secure, PCI compliant and backed by leading manufacturers such as Aruba (HP).

With our multiple payment options we can also provide the best financial solutions for your hotel too.

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