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Evolution Voice™ Hotel SIP Trunks

Next Generation Resilient Communications

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You’ve no doubt heard how you can reduce the cost of your business telephone lines by replacing legacy T1/PRI circuits with SIP Trunks but Hotel SIP Trunks from Fourteen IP offers something more.

Time for change

Legacy telephone lines are progressively being replaced by internet bases (VoIP) telephony and states are turning off PRI services starting from late 2025. An increasing number of hotels are now opting for the more modern and flexible SIP Trunks.

As the preferred telephony provider for many leading hotels, our Hotel SIP Trunks are already deployed in hundreds of hotels, helping those hotels to reduce costs and increase flexibility, whilst replacing their end-of-life T1/PRI circuits.

SIP Trunks from Fourteen IP allow our customers access to EVA, our AI powered virtual assistant that allows hotels to improve service and reduce operational costs whilst reducing calls to human operators by more than 75%.

Our Hotel SIP Trunks also allow hotels to add the optional EV Connect service to provide even more functionality, improved guest service and reduced costs using our unique software.

Our SIP trunks are a robust and flexible alternative to traditional voice services and they are compatible with the leading PBX brands.

We also have flexible billing options including call bundles and long-distance discounts to keep your costs down whilst increasing your telephony resilience.

Core Features

Reduced Line Rental

Cheaper Bundled Calls

Hotel Payment Options

Quick to Deploy

Integration with EVA

Integration with EV Connect


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Take control of your hotel telephony

Reduce costs and future proof your hotel telephony infrastructure.

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Fourteen IP is the leading supplier of hospitality AI and communications solutions, supporting leading hotels and groups worldwide, together with individual and independent hotels.

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