We understand choosing a new technology partner for your hotel can be difficult, so we have put together our 9 reasons, we think you should partner with Fourteen IP for your hotel technology solutions.
Hospitality Specialists

The Fourteen IP team is 100% focused on the hospitality sector, designing, developing and delivering solutions that reduce costs, streamline hotel operations, enhance guest engagement and increase both guest and staff satisfaction.

Reputation and Experience

Fourteen IP was founded in 2011 but the management team and many of the staff have been working in the hospitality sector for several decades, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business and our customers.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is part of the Fourteen IP DNA but we also have a dedicated customer experience team that launched our ‘Step Up and Go Beyond’ programme in 2022 that constantly reviews customer feedback and streamlines operational processes to make life easier for our customers.

Here at Fourteen IP we have always had a commitment to ongoing innovation, harnessing emerging technologies which have included cloud telephony, SIP trunks, hotel internet access and associated services. Currently our AI powered virtual agent solution to leading the way with guest-led AI solutions.

Communications are critical to a hotel so when it comes to reliability, we operate in a carrier-grade environment ensuring our cloud PBX service is more reliable than any on-premise based service. As a result, we regularly exceed our target of 99.999% up time for our cloud-based services.


The technologies we provide must be compatible with legacy connectivity and both current and future hotel systems, so we pride ourselves on delivering seamless integration with hotel front of house and guest management solutions and much more with our Evolution Connect and API based compatibility solutions.


We operate in a carrier grade environment offering scalable global solutions, to meet the needs of the global organisations we work with. Our Evolution Voice is currently being used in over 330,000 hotels in 24 countries worldwide. Our AI powered virtual agent solution EVA has answered over 15 million guest calls.

Competitive Pricincg

Understanding the financial pressures on the hotel industry we always strive to be flexible, cost effective and deliver value to the customers we work with. Our solutions are usually delivered as a service reducing up front capital expense where possible and providing hotels with the future technologies that they need today.

We Listen

In order to consistently deliver the industry-leading technology solutions that hotels need, we make sure we are listening to our customers, the hotel owners, managers, staff and their guests. We attend industry events and are very much part of the hospitality industry. Come talk to us – we are listening.