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Telephones and Connectivity Solutions from a range of manufacturers including AEI, Cetis and Vtech.

Competitive prices, volume discounts and spares, plus all necessary line cords and faceplates for your properties.

Vtech In-Room Telephones

Founded in 1976, VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones, with over 20 years of experience and 41 million handsets shipped.

Vtech provides a diverse collection of telecommunication products that elevate the business consumer experience through state-of-the-art technology and design.

All Vtech guest room phones use antibacterial plastic to help your guests and staff safe safe.

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Vtech In Room Phones

Xenios In-Room Telephones

Xenios, a french company created in 2017 is a pioneer in the market of the design hotel phones.

An innovative design, a customizable finishing : the Xenios Concept One Guest phones have been designed to tastefully fit the atmosphere of the hotel rooms and to bring an increased value to the room. Designed for an easy use, Xenios Concept One offers the essential features for an hospitality use. Because each room has his own atmosphere, Xenios offers you a wide choice of possible finishing (leather, solid wood, coloured plastics, glass, slate…)

Xenios are compatible with all the major PBXs and quality is our main focus.

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AEI In-Room Telephones

AEI Communications creates innovative products that integrate the latest technological advances while satisfying the growing and changing needs of the Hospitality Industry.

Their phones are compatible with existing analogue and IP hotel communications infrastructures and all the popular PBX systems. This compatibility allows for smooth migrations from analogue to IP – SIP technologies without causing unnecessary disruptions.

AEI’s phone families feature unified designs, enabling hotels to mix analogue and IP phones with the same family look, to help ease the transition.

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AEI In Room Phones
Cetis In Room Telephones

Cetis In-Room Telephones

Cetis, Inc., formed through the 2006 purchase of TeleMatrix, and the 2009 acquisition of Teledex assets, designs and manufactures a broad range of analogue, VoIP, and Digital Centrex telephone and high-speed Internet products.

Designed and engineered in America and Europe, TeleMatrix brand telephones are beautifully engineered to the highest standards for quality and reliability. TeleMatrix 9600 Series cordless and 3300 Series corded telephones offer a stunning custom designer option of 7 colour inserts to accent or match hotel guest room and office decor.

TeleMatrix telephones are exceptionally long lasting with low return rates which provides assurance that your phones will work as promised the first time, every time. The cost of frequent phone replacements adds up quickly, so the quality phones you buy today saves real money in the long run.

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