EV Connect from Fourteen IP


Next Generation Telephony with your Legacy PBX

EV Connect is an optional service layer that sits on top of our market-leading SIP Trunk offering. EV Connect enables legacy PBX systems to benefit from hosted telephony features such as extension to extension dialing between properties, centralised & distributed working environments such as operator overflow from one property to another, centralised call centres or even replacing a failed on-premise voicemail system. 

EV Connect is available for many different legacy PBXs to enable these diverse systems to communicate together and also to our hosted PBX system, EVOLUTION Voice. As EV Connect legacy PBX users can be “mapped” in our EV cloud service, we can overlay a wide range of hosted PBX features.

Dependent on the legacy PBX installed, the following functions can be added:

  • Extension to extension dialling between properties
  • Name display between properties
  • Ability to provide EVOLUTION Voice voicemail service (including voicemail to email and fax to email service)
  • Multiple centralised and/or distributed services can be deployed such as call centre functionality, etc.
  • Add more extensions to a property without having to upgrade the current legacy PBX

Note: Legacy PBX systems and specific firmware and software levels to be tested and functionality confirmed.

disaster recovery

Many hotels do not want to replace their PBX systems until there is a critical failure. However, once a critical failure occurs the hotel may be forced to close doors due to life safety issues until a replacement PBX is installed. 

As part of an EV Connect installation, we can provide an optional PBX scan so that we can map and overlay services in the cloud. This scan provides us details of how the PBX is built and even how to assemble a custom wiring frame for our unique cabling installation method. 

We retain this information so that should a critical failure occur, we can ensure that an EVOLUTION Voice hosted PBX can be deployed as quickly as possible (PBX scans can be repeated at regular intervals to ensure that the data is current).

Why EV Connect?

Integration with EVA our AI powered Virtual Assistant for hotels

Replace a legacy on premise voicemail without the need for costly hardware

Extension to extension dialling on legacy PBX’s

Become part of a centralised call center or operator

Guest & loyalty recognition of callers even from legacy PBX