Fully Managed Hospitality Telephony Service

The chosen solution for major global and regional hotel brands worldwide.

Designed for Hospitality

At the heart of EVOLUTION Voice™ is the world leading Cisco Hosted VoIP platform, that operates in a carrier-grade environment that is more reliable than any on-premises based service.

Used in conjunction with Jazzware, our EVOLUTION Voice™ telephony solution offers call accounting, guest voicemail and wake up services, completing a flexible, cost effective telephony service with minimal up-front expense and pricing linked to hotel occupancy and connectivity to all major PMS systems.

We also offer emergency alerting and compliance with current and upcoming legislation on Emergency Call alerting.

Evolution Voice Highlights
Features include:
  • Solutions for Select & Full Service Hotels & Resorts
  • Flexible commercial options
  • No need to change your guest telephones
  • No requirement for new cabling
  • Integration with all leading PMS systems
  • Magic Portal with free Magic Reporting
  • EV Connect with Guest Recognition & Emergency Alert
  • A trusted partner to hotels around the world

Why is Evolution Voice The Solution for your hotel?

Flexibility alongside reliability

Evolution Voice™ has been designed for hotels, not just ‘hotels’ but with options for select/focused service hotels as well as full service hotels and resorts. We have products for both alongside a range of productivity enhancing, cost saving features such as our mobile apps that allow users to operate from a single device to cover telephony as well as other functionality such as Push to Talk (PTT) and guest services applications.

Our commercial models allow payments to be reduced, spread over time and we also over a $0 initial fee option to help keep your capital spend to an absolute minimum.

Adding and removing licences is a breeze and we can even de-activate guest rooms for a period of you are closed during winter or perhaps during a refurbishment.

EV Select

Designed for Select & Focused Service Properties

EV Select Features include:

  • Reduced capital & operating costs
  • Retain your existing guest telephones
  • No need to change your cabling
  • Flexible commercial options
  • Call Accounting, Wake Up & Guest Voicemail
  • Integration with all leading PMS systems
  • Magic Reporting and Device Management
  • 911 Alerting & Guest Recognition
Magic Portal

Magic portal is designed to help individual users, Hotel IT Managers, Area IT Managers and above to view detailed reporting on their properties, such as usage on a per extension or department basis, Auto attendant or IVR usage and the options chosen by your callers by time of day and day of week and allow you to manage the features and functions on your device or the devices in your department or hotel, or group of hotels. 

Easily add and remove features, speed dial and more by dragging and dropping them to buttons on individual devices or deploy to groups of devices quickly and easily. Change your voicemail PIN check basic reporting and all more.

EV Connect
Linking Legacy PBX’s

Using our EV Connect software allows hotels with an older legacy PBX to take a leap in to the cloud and benefit from some of the great features and functionality of a fully hosted PBX.

You will be able to not just recognise guests by name but also their loyalty status, both on property and if calls are passed to a call centre. Integration with EVA for both internal and external callers means that FAQ’s can be answered by our multi-lingual intelligent guest assistant that is proven to reduce calls to agents by up to 50%.

We can also replace your voicemail system removing the requirement for costly new hardware and with emergency alerting we can make sure you are always aware when and where any emergency call was made from. Its no wonder that EV Connect, with our unique EV Connect software, has been called ‘a game changer’

EV Connect Features include:

  • Ability to link a legacy PBX (Nortel, Avaya, Mitel) to our Cloud
  • Adds guest name display and guest loyalty status, allowing you to recognise loyalty
  • Multi Site dialling by code, whilst still share guest name and status
  • Pass guest name and loyalty status to centralised contact centre
  • Integration with EVA to allow internal and external guests to benefit as well as being recognised for their status.
  • Voicemail integration allows EV Connect to replace a voicemail system, eg a failed voicemail
  • Emergency Alerting allows legacy PBX’s to be alerted to Emergency calls and comply with current and upcoming legislation.

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