Evolution gateway - network management solution

Enhance Guest Engagement – Increase Guest Loyalty

Improve operational efficiency and create new revenue generation opportunities

World Class Network Management

Our Evolution Gateway service is a world class cloud-based Network Management solution that delivers on business outcomes for the hospitality sector. It provides a simple method to get guests online, a detailed set of reports and analytics, plus tools to manage and monitor the network. This all adds up to:

  • An enhanced guest experience
  • Better guest engagement
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Increased guest loyalty


Enterprise-level functionality provides your hotel group with an honest view of the total estate’s technology performance, in an easy-to-use format and non-technical language.  Benefit from a simple guest login and user experience, personalised guest landing pages plus a comprehensive network management and monitoring solution, that places you in control of your hotel WiFi.

Network Management Solution

key benefits

Hardware Agnostic

Evolution Gateway is a hardware agnostic solution that is deployed as an overlay service that is easily integrated and fully compatible with all leading WiFi systems, with a few configuration changes to existing hardware.

Detailed Reporting and Monitoring

Evolution Gateway provides operators with a detailed set of reports and a complete overview of the performance of the guest’s network including user analytics, footfall and demographic data, devises used, new and repeat users and user contact details. The platform has a single page to show access points and switches, shows hardware models, an asset list and if the device is up or down. It can automatically email support teams should hardware go down.

Custom Login Pages

The easy-to-use portal editor allows users to quickly and easily, create a branded WiFi login page. Guest login options include social media, email, vouchers, PMS integration, one click connect – all with integration to membership and loyalty applications.

Guest Engagement

Personalised welcome back messages, personalised landing pages and URL re-directs can be created, with many options to enhance guest interaction and engagement. Guests can be notified or special offers and promotions to generate increased engagement and revenues.

management and reporting

Location Based Services

With the built-in location engine, notifications can be triggered based on the guest’s location in your hotel. Floor plans can be uploaded into the solution to provide detailed information on guest movements and where they dwell, so you can ensure you have sufficient WiFi coverage in high usage areas. Features include:

  • Reporting on no. of users per AP at different times of day
  • Reporting on no. of users per VLAN (X amount of users in the restaurant, X amount in the lobby, etc)
  • Reporting on device dwell time in hotel VLANs or APs
    Email messages and SMS can be triggered based on user locations in the venue
  • Notifications and web hooks to alert staff, or trigger actions in other hospitality systems
    Bespoke authentication journey based on user location


By deploying our Evolution Gateway service, not only do you enhance guest engagement, improved operational efficiency and generate additional revenues, you can proactively monitor the performance of your hotel WiFi network and ensure you have the coverage and capacity to meet the changing needs of your guests.

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